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Limited Company V Sole Trader from a tax perspective

Accountants for Limited Companies & Sole Traders in Milton Keynes As a firm of accountants for limited companies and sole traders in Milton Keynes, over the years we have seen lots of different tax scenarios faced by both limited companies and sole traders.  Previously it was generally

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Capital Gains Tax – a brief overview

Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers in Milton Keynes Being a firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers in Milton Keynes, our clients include both individuals and businesses, which means that we frequently have to deal with various tax-related issues faced by our clients. The issue of capital

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What business expenses can I claim?

A quick guide to allowable business expenses         What business expenses can I claim? This is perhaps THE most common question we get asked by both contractors and businessowners operating through limited companies and sole traders, especially thosewho are only just starting out.  

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