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Limited Company Filing Requirements

Limited Company Filing Requirements At Khan & Co, we have plenty of experience in helping both contractors and small businesses with their limited company filing requirements each year. We keep in touch with all our clients on a regular basis throughout the year, to ensure that no

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5 Expenses That Take Many New Business Owners by Surprise

Accountants for Small Businesses in Milton Keynes As expert accountants for small businesses in Milton Keynes and across the UK, we have helped many new businesses throughout the startup process, from setting up a limited company to providing invaluable business and tax advice that is vital to

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Running a payroll

Payroll Services in Milton Keynes As a firm of accountants offering comprehensive payroll services in Milton Keynes, we have had many years’ experience in both setting up and running monthly payrolls for limited companies. In this post we have discussed some of the benefits of running a

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