Milton Keynes Accountants for Sole Traders and Contractors

Being a firm of Milton Keynes accountants for sole traders and contractors , we deal with clients from across a whole range of industries, including medical professionals, specialist IT contractors and creatives. 

In addition to the preparation of your annual accounts (including limited company accounts in the case of contractors operating through a limited company), our fixed-fee packages include the filing of your self-assessment tax return with HMRC. By working with us you can therefore be assured that your personal tax return is filed on time, every time. 

If you are a sole trader or contractor and are looking for a team of Milton Keynes accountants, please contact us for more information about our all-inclusive accountancy packages.

milton keynes accountants for sole traders and contractors self assessment tax returns

Self-Assessment Tax Returns for Sole Traders, Company Directors & Contractors

As a team of efficient accountants in Milton Keynes, we can help you avoid unnecessary penalties and stress by ensuring that your tax return is always prepared and filed on time.

Do I need to file a Self-Assessment?

Being a firm of experienced accountants in Milton Keynes, this is a very common question that we are asked regularly at Khan & Co.

Income tax is collected automatically by HMRC from pensions and wages, but any additional income must be declared in your personal tax/self-assessment return. You must register for self-assessment if you fall into any of the categories below:

  • You are self-employed or in a partnership
  • You are a company director
  • You and your partners’ income was over £50,000 and claimed Child Benefit
  • You lived and worked abroad
  • You received foreign income
  • You received income from letting land or property
  • You have untaxed income or savings
  • Your savings or investment income is sizeable
  • You made profits from selling assets and need to pay Capital Gains Tax

Rental Accounts & Self-Assessment for Landlords

As a firm of Milton Keynes accountants, we have extensive experience in preparing rental accounts and self-assessment returns for landlords who have purchased by-to-let properties. You can therefore be sure that you will receive the most beneficial rental property advice to minimise your tax liabilities as a landlord.

Tax Appeals

We understand that at times people may be late in filing their tax returns due to circumstances that are beyond their control.

If you previously managed your own accounts and have incurred a late-filing penalty we can help with your tax appeal to HMRC. With our experience of over twenty years we have helped countless new clients in having late-filing penalties overturned.

If you are looking for a firm of Milton Keynes accountants to help with your tax appeal, please contact us on 0739 550 2165 for a free initial consultation. 

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